The hair loss pattern in women is often different from hair loss in men. In most cases of hair loss in females, the hair loss would be more diffuse without any area being fully bald. It may involve the frontal hair, the hair on the top of the head, sides and the back of the head. In some cases it can have a more organised pattern and resembles hair loss in men with high temples, a receding hairline or hair loss in the crown.

In men we’ll often directly suggest a treatment plan, which may include hair transplantation, minoxidtil, microneedling and/or PRP. In women we often require much more information and depending on the specific assessment of each female patient we may suggest different blood tests or even a scalp biopsy. If an underlying condition or disease is identitied then it’s important that it’s addressed before any hair loss treatment is initiated. The chances for a succesful hair loss treatment improves greatly if any underlying conditions has been corrected or at least improved.

While we’ll not be able to help all women suffering from hair loss we are able to improve the situation for many leading to a higher quality of life and less worries related to the social stigma of hair loss many women may experience.

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